Why Do We Rewatch TV Shows?

We all have shows that we can’t just get enough. In an age of ever-expanding content and endless streaming options, why do we prefer to watch the same things repeatedly? The act of rewatching has become a popular pastime for many, offering many benefits beyond mere entertainment. Here are five reasons why we’re all hooked to death on our comfort shows.


Revisiting TV shows or movies from our past can bring up some warm memories, making us remember our thoughts and experiences while watching them. Watching these shows can bring back a sense of familiarity and comfort. Additionally, if you’re watching a period piece or a sitcom from the 70s, these shows can act as a time capsule.

Emotional Connection: Bonds with Fictional Characters

It is likely to feel like a part of the show and feel a sense of family. Also, after rewatching a show for the hundredth time, it is natural to memorize every single aspect of the show, which leads you to know how a character will react or what will happen next. This makes the show less stressful. And if you’re watching something to reduce stress, this is quite beneficial. Life can be hectic and stressful, and during challenging times, visiting an old pal can solve all your problems ( at least while you’re watching the show).

Entertainment Without Commitment

Revisiting a TV show that you already know and love erases any chance of disliking and disappointment. Another advantage of rewatching shows is that it takes less effort, and you don’t need to focus. If you’re like me and you like to watch something while eating, doing random chores, or even just as a background voice, rewatching is the perfect way since you don’t need to pay attention to details.

Comfort and Escapism

As you can understand from how these shows are referred to, comfort shows are a source of comfort and relief. Familiar storylines and characters provide a sense of security, like going through an old photo album. Moreover, rewatching TV shows offer a form of escapism. It allows viewers to escape their daily concerns and immerse themselves in a fictional world, free from real-life responsibilities and worries. This temporary respite from reality can be therapeutic, helping people recharge and regain a sense of balance. 

Cultural References and Inside Jokes

Rewatching TV shows can help viewers catch cultural references, and inside jokes they might have missed on their initial watch. Being familiar with these references can enhance social interactions and conversations.TV shows and movies are great ways to socialize with others, especially when you know details that even show writers forget.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, it is clear as day that rewatching TV shows goes far beyond mere entertainment. The psychology behind it goes for more than the ones that are listed. The next time you find yourself reaching for the remote to revisit an old favorite, know that you’re not alone in the joy and nostalgia that await you on the screen.With all that being said here are some of my favorite shows to rewatch: Friends, How I Met Your Mother, Modern Family, Brooklyn 99, The Big Bang Theory. Enjoy!

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