Understanding Cat Behaviour

The undisputed favorites of the animal kingdom, cats have also captured the hearts of pet owners. With their sweet looks, athletic build, and surprising intelligence, cats have become an important part of history. From the deep admiration for Bastet, the cat god of ancient Egypt, to the contemporary enthusiasm for cute cat videos on the internet, we will realize that the unique role these mysterious creatures play in our lives remains unwaveringly consistent. If you are interested in understanding the absurd behaviors of these creatures, here are some examples of weird cat behaviors.


Also known as making biscuits is more than just adorable, it’s also an ancient instinct passed down from ancestors. Kittens use a kneading action to stimulate milk production from their mother cat when nursing. But kneading isn’t only a reminiscence of kittenhood. Cats possess scent glands located between their toes. When they engage in kneading they leave their scent on that surface. This serves as a way for the cat to mark its territory. Additionally, some experts propose that cats knead as a means of stretching their muscles and alleviating tension in their limbs.

 Knocking Things Over  

Cats are curious investigators who use their paws to explore. Knocking objects allows them to interact with these objects of curiosity. There are multiple reasons why cats do this so much and it’s not to annoy you. The reasoning behind this can also be hunting instincts, attention seeking, claiming territory, and playful predatory behavior. Some of this can also be used to explain why cats sit on your things.


I’m sure every cat owner experiences Zoomies daily. The term “zoomies” is used to describe sudden bursts of energy during which a cat may race around the house, darting and leaping with apparent abandon. This behavior is characterized by high-speed runs, and quick turns, and often includes leaping onto furniture or climbing surfaces. There are few explanations for why cats participate in this. Pent-up energy, hunting instincts, joy and contentment, social interactions, and environmental changes might be the cause of. Zoomies are generally harmless and entertaining, and many cat owners find joy in watching their feline friends dash around the house

Burying Poop

Although people believe that cats bury their poops because they get embarrassed, that is not 100% correct. Cats instinctively bury their poop to hide their location from predators and to avoid competing with another cat’s territory.  

Eating Houseplants

Cats may nibble on houseplants for various reasons, to help with an upset stomach or boost its vitamin levels. Some cats eat plants to induce vomiting. However, this could be dangerous if houseplants are toxic. The best way to ensure your cat is safe is to make sure your houseplants are safe for your pets to consume. 

Being Slapped On the Bottom

Slapping or patting your cat’s bottom could signal the brain to release dopamine or oxytocin. These hormones are responsible for indicating pleasure and can make your cat feel happy and content during the interaction.

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