Top 3 Ways To Avoid Exam Stress

Exam stress is a feeling most of us have experienced. If you haven’t, lucky you! It might seem impossible to fight exam stress but believe me, it isn’t. To help you cope with this feeling, I have gathered the most important 3 ways to avoid stress on your exams.

Study for your Exams!

Even though you don’t want to, you should study for your exams. By studying I mean “effectively” studying. Studying non-stop for 7 hours is not healthy, you should have breaks to relax your mind. Instead, you can study for 3 hours with breaks, making sure you understand the material. Effective studying will help you understand the exam content, thus on the exam you won’t feel anxious about the questions you couldn’t comprehend or solve because you will probably not have a lot of those.  Although studying is a great way to avoid exam stress, some might still be stressed during an exam even though they know the topic like the back of their hands. If you are generally stressed even though you studied, don’t worry! We’ve got 2 more ways to cope with your exam stress! But a nice technique would be to remember that you know the content and that you’re capable of doing it.

Have a Proper Sleep Schedule

Sleeping is a key to memorization. While we’re sleeping, the information we’ve learned is becoming processed into our brains. You should get proper sleep before your exams because that way you’ll remember the exam content better, which will lessen your stress. Moreover, you won’t be sleepy, instead, you will be more concentrated during your exam. An average person should get at least 7 hours of sleep every night. If you have a proper sleep schedule in which you get at least 7 hours of sleep per night, it will be easier to sleep better before your exam.

Set Realistic Goals

You shouldn’t obsess about being “perfect” and having “perfect scores”. Everyone gets bad grades once in a while, it is a small step on the big road to success. You should remember that you don’t have to have an excellent score. If you’ve studied well enough, you’ll eventually get a great one. But if you haven’t studied for your exam, you shouldn’t be so tough on yourself about having full marks on this exam, since it may be a little hard in your case. Instead, you can focus on doing your best with what you have, and then you can study better for your upcoming exams by learning from your mistakes. Set your goals according to how you know the exam content. If you believe that you have studied really good and you know the topic really well, you can confidently enter your exam expecting a good score. But if you haven’t studied enough, believing you’ll get 100% may disappoint you and might cause you to lose your motivation, instead, you can aim for a lower score but try your best in getting that score. Look at exams as an opportunity to improve yourself, rather than a terrifying set of questions.

Even though these are not the only ways to get over your stress on exams, I believe these are the most important ones. I hope it was helpful. Good luck with your exams!

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