10 Most Poisonous Animals In the World

1) Box Jellyfish

Box Jellyfish are known as one of the most dangerous animal species to exist. With their extremely poisonous venom, they can kill people within minutes. The strong toxins from their tentacles directly strike the nervous system and the heart of people, causing extreme pain and even shock.

2) Gila Monster

Known as the Earth’s most poisonous lizard, the bite of gila monsters are extremely painful. It is described as one of the most hurtful pains. Despite the pain, no deaths were reported by the bite of gila monster. Also, a hormone in their venomous saliva is found to be used to treat type 2 diabetes in humans.

3) Funnel Web Spider

Funnel web spiders are very venomous to humans and other primates but surprisingly harmless to many other animals. The reason to this fact is that the antibodies these spiders produce can neutralize the toxins that primates are not capable of neutralizing. However, scientists have found that a particular molecule in the poison of funnel web spiders can be used to save time on heart attack treatment.

4) Cone Snail

Cone snails hunt their preys by sending out a venom that they produce. The venom is so poisonous that a sting of a cone snail could cause respiratory failures, muscle paralysis and sometimes even death on human beings. They also live deep in the ocean and hunt fish that are on their way. Just like some other animals on this article, cone snails’ venom can also be used in medical fields. A particular toxin of a certain species is found to be a very strong painkiller.

5) Stonefish

Stonefish live on the ground of the oceans. They have a great camouflage ability, which may cause humans to step on them and get stung by their spines. The sting is extremely painful and can even cause death. If the spine of the fish is removed really carefully, it is edible for humans.

6) Inland Taipan

Containing the highest median deadly dose of venom in a snake, inland taipans are considered to be the most poisonous snakes in the world. However, these snakes don’t approach humans so much since they are shy. So they aren’t really dangerous even though they’re very venomous.

7) Platypus

They are venomous mammals. With the poison in the spur of their ankle, they can paralyze many small animals or even kill some of them, including dogs. They are not deadly for humans, but still, quite venomous and dangerous for other animals.

8) Slow Loris

They are the only venomous primate that was discovered. Something really different from other animals is that their venom is activated by the combination of their saliva and the oil that is by the brachial gland on its upper arm. It is believed that they use this function as a defence against predators and also a protection from the parasites that live on their fur.

9) Shrew

These are also mammals with venomous bites. Their venom comes from the gaps along their teeth and from the base of their incisors. They use their bite as a protection from predators, by paralyzing them with their poison. Their poison is also being studied to treat ovarian cancer.

10) European Mole

Another toxic mammal, the European mole! They use their venom to not only to protect their food, but also to paralyze their preys, mostly earthworms. This way, their stored food doesn’t get rotten from earthworms.


Resource: https://www.discoverwildlife.com/animal-facts/most-venomous-animals/

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